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Become a Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrator should have a general knowledge of the features available to end users and the configuration options available to a Salesforce Administrator. They should be able to maintain a Salesforce organization, respond to common business requirements, and perform administrative functions using current Salesforce features.

There is a rapid increase in companies using Salesforce as their main CRM system and this means that a demand for Salesforce administrators is very high.

How to become a Salesforce Admin?

There are plenty of courses available online that assist an individual on their journey to learning all about Salesforce administration. However, they usually come at a price.

Salesforce has provided a free learning portal, Trailhead,  for any one who wants to learn more about their products and services and how to build on it. Trailhead has unlimited number of modules that help train an individual on different topics.

Using the free modules on trailhead, a 4 week targeted salesforce training for beginners has been developed by experts at ACE SALESFORCE that can help any one become a Salesforce Administrator.

Salesforce Administrator Training

How to get started?

First things first, a new Trailhead account is needed if this is the first time accessing Trailhead.

Step 1: Sign Up on Trailhead.

Once signed up, the following modules can help you familiarize yourself with Trailhead.

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Trailhead Basics

Trailhead 15 Min

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Trailhead Playground Management Trailhead 20 Min

Step 2: Follow the Weekly Plan

Next, follow the below links one by one to become proficient in Salesforce Administration in a matter of 4 weeks!

Week 1

Learn about Salesforce Overview and Data Security

Week 2

Learn about Customizations and Applications

Week 3

Learn about Data Management and Automation

Week 4

Learn about Reporting, Community & Knowledge

The above links contain a breakdown of most important baseline topics an administrator of a Salesforce Org needs to be familiar with.

Take your time and don’t rush! Best of luck with your training!