Eclipse vs Visual Studio – Which is better for Salesforce Development?

If you are one of those developers who have used Eclipse IDE for your Salesforce development and are now confused about your switch to Visual Studio Code, then you have landed on the right article.

We compared Eclipse vs Visual Studio and wrote down evidence on which Code Editor is better for Salesforce development in the modern era of Salesforce coding.

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is an Open Source IDE which is Free and runs on most operating systems. Eclipse is compatible with multiple programming languages including C, C++, Ada, ABAP, Haskell, Julia, Lasso, C#, JavaScript, Fortran, Perl, Python, Ruby, Scala, Rust, Scheme, Groovy, Prolong, Erlang, and Clojure. However, it is a cross-platform software that manifests its shell-like architecture with a core foundation written in Java.

Some of the main Eclipse features include XML editing, code recommendation, Apache Maven integration, Git version control, Gradle support, Eclipse marketplace, etc.

Eclipse is one of the first development platforms for Salesforce. Salesforce built the IDE plug-in for Eclipse that could be used to develop apex and visualforce.

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight code editor provided by Microsoft. It is Open Source, Free and Runs on most operating systems including Windows and MAC OS. Salesforce development can be easily done since the release of Salesforce DX in Winter’18. Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code is the successor to the IDE plug-in for Eclipse for Salesforce development on the desktop.

Which is better for Salesforce Development?

Since the launch of Salesforce DX in the Winter’18 release, Salesforce has shifted from Eclipse IDE to Visual Studio Code as it’s primary supported code editor. As read above already, the Salesforce Extension is now maintained and supported for Visual Studio Code and is the successor of the IDE Plugin for Eclipse.

Salesforce did a LIVE session to encourage Eclipse Users to migrate to VS Code IDE. This LIVE webinar guides anyone who is worried about the transition and also talks about the benefits of VS Code over the Eclipse IDE.

Visual Studio Code and Salesforce CLI

Salesforce CLI or Command Line Interface allows a developer to control the full application lifecycle of their Salesforce apps. It allows the easy creation of development and testing environments, synchronization of source code between orgs and also run deployments.

Salesforce Trailhead guides a developer new to this code editor on a step by step tutorial to setup Visual Studio Code and Salesforce CLI on their computers.

Visual Studio Code Plugins

The Visual Studio marketplace hosts thousands of macros, plug-ins, and add-ons, and is also very active. It has debugging, editing and other fancy plugins that make your life as a developer easier.


Our verdict is that all salesforce developers should migrate to this new way of working and adopt the Salesforce DX way of developing.

There are plenty of training and setup guides available. All you need to do is start!