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Focus on Force Review

Salesforce certifications are a guaranteed way to prove that you have the salesforce platform knowledge that you claim on your resume as having.

However, Salesforce certifications are tough and the preparation needed for them is even tougher if there isn’t a proper guide or planner helping you stick to the necessary preparation material.

In this article, we will dive deep into how FocusonForce can be a handy guide when preparing for your salesforce certifications.

What is Focus on Force?

Focus on force prides itself to be one of very few authentic Salesforce Certification training providers. They craft questions to probe salesforce knowledge in a unique way. Their motto is that you not only pass the certification but also have a deep understanding of how to use the platform in order to succeed at work.

What Certification courses do they offer? 

Focus on force currently provides practice exam and study guides for 11 certifications.

  1. Salesforce Administrator 201 Certification 
  2. Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification
  3. Salesforce Advanced Administrator 301 Certification
  4. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification
  5. Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification
  6. Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Certification
  7. Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification
  8. Salesforce Platform Developer 2 Certification
  9. Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 Certification
  10. Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer Certification
  11. Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer Certification

Focus on force is working to add more certification preparation guides and practice exams to the list, so keep an eye on it if you cannot find the one you are looking for yet.

Focus on Force Review

A few experts at ACE Salesforce have used Focus on Force for many of the certifications listed above and it was a great experience for them. Some plus points are:

  • Study Guides are updated and explained in detailed per certification
  • Their practice exams have the same weighting system as a proper exam does and it helps you focus on weaker areas better.
  • You can test your knowledge per topic as they give you multiple practice questions per topic.
  • Their exams are not dumps of an actual salesforce exam rather they are expertly crafted questions that test you for a particular topic and prepares you to excel not only in the exam but also your work.
  • Each question that you get wrong is provided with a detailed explanation of the correct answer and also links to reference guides.

If the above aren’t enough then review their testimonials page where their customers have left raving reviews.

How much does each course cost?

Each course is for 19 USD minus GST. You get multiple practice exams and planner for that amount.

You can also buy the study guide for additional 19 USD minus GST if you want to but our recommendation is to purchase the practice exam and use Salesforce’s study guide on Trailhead to get the most out of your purchase.

What do you do once you have purchased a course?

  1. Set a Goal and Study Plan
  2. Give a practice exam a Go to find out where you stand preparation wise.
  3. Study and keep learning from the prompts you get in the exam.

Focus on force review

Focus on force review

Focus on force review

Focus on force review

Focus on force review

In conclusion

It is a wise a investment to purchase their courses as it is better to pass exams in the first go with proper guidance than to fail and repeat without it.

The practice exams are a great way to learn and test your knowledge. Go for it if you want to fast track your path to the certifications on offer as it definitely shortens the time it would take for you to certify using these guides.