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IT Project Manager Salary Guide 2021

IT Project Managers are are needed to work collaboratively with leadership teams to develop and oversee the implementation of big budget applications. Do you want to know how much they earn around the world? If yes, then continue reading.

What do Project Managers do?

A project manager is key in engaging with a team of engineers, designer and business stakeholders to deliver a quality product.

Project managers should usually have strong technical qualifications and project management expertise, with a background of driving and implementing significant change in an organisation.

Project managers effectively run end-to-end processes for project delivery as well as managing resources ensuring accurate and timely project delivery.

How much do they earn around the world?

This image shows a graph of salary comparison 2021 of IT Project Manager.

The table above shows salaries from around the world converted to USD.

This data comes directly from the salary survey report which is available on the Mason Frank website. The figures are averages from the survey data collected by them. You can find the figures by going to their website and completing a form before being allowed to download the report.

Country Junior Senior
United States $110,000 $150,000
Canada C$90000 C$130000
United Kingdom £60,000 £95,000
Ireland € 50,000 € 85,000
France € 50,000 € 75,000
Switzerland Fr95,000 FR 140,000
Germany € 80,000 € 100,000
Spain € 45,000 € 60,000
Belgium € 42,000 € 60,000
Netherlands € 35,000 € 62,000
Italy € 38,000 € 62,000
Australia A$ 130,000 A$ 180,000
Japan YEN 6,432,600 YEN 15,600,000
Singapore S$ 73,000 S$ 150,000


Project managers do not need to be technology specific as long as they have expertise in managing medium to large sized projects and are expert communicators.

An ideal candidate should be self-motivated with an ability to work with minimal direction and within a complex and dynamic environment. They must be able to demonstrate strong analytical, problem solving and decision making skills, alongside leadership skills in managing application development projects.