Salesforce Administrator Training – Week 1

ACE SALESFORCE has created a targeted 4 week Salesforce Administrator training program using Trailheads free Salesforce modules. This  program will help any one wanting to be proficient in Salesforce Administration and may also lead to the individual sitting their Salesforce Administrator Certification exam.

Learn about Salesforce Overview and Data Security

This post details the Week 1 plan which will allow you to know the following, at the end of the lesson:

  • Explain how to navigate Salesforce.
  • Describe standard objects and their relationship

Week 1 is divided into two sections. It is up to the individual to divide their week in a way to complete all modules on this post to ensure they stay on track.

Week 1: Section 1 – Salesforce Overview

The image shows a cloud and money raining from it.

Salesforce User Basics

Trailhead 1 Hr

The image shows a blue background and white cloud.

Salesforce Platform Basics Trailhead 50 Min

The image shows a passport and coins and credit cards.

Company Wide Org Settings


25 Min

The image shows a hierarchy chart on a yellow background.

Data Modelling Trailhead 45 Min

After the 1st section of week 1, you will know the following basics of Salesforce:

CRM Basics Welcome to Salesforce
Get Started with Salesforce
Work with Your Salesforce Administrator
Salesforce Platform Basics Getting Started with the Platform
Discovering Use Cases for the Platform
Understanding the Salesforce Architecture
Navigating Setup
Developing an AppExchange Strategy
Company-Wide-Org Settings Learn About Regional Settings
Discover Multiple Currency Settings
Data Modelling Understand Custom & Standard Objects
Create Object Relationships
Work with Schema Builder

Week 1: Section 2 – Data Security

The image shows a lock with people in it.

User Management

Trailhead 50 Min

The image shows a lock with people in it,

Data Security Trailhead 1.5 Hrs

The image shows a book inside a computer.

Activity Management


30 Min

Accounts & Contacts for Lightning Experience Trailhead 30 Min

Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience


1 Hr

After the 2nd section of week 1, you will know the following basics of Salesforce:

User Management Add New Users
Control What Your Users Can Access
Data Security Overview of Data Security
Control Access to the Org
Control Access to Objects
Control Access to Fields
Control Access to Records
Create a Role Hierarchy
Define Sharing Rules
Accounts and Contacts for Lightning Experience  Get Started with Accounts and Contacts
Understand Account and Contact Relationships
Leads and Opportunities for Lightning Experience Create and Convert Leads
Work Your Opportunities
Visualize Success with Path and Kanban
Activity Management Document

Once an individual has completed Week 1 of this program and found it useful, they should proceed to Week 2 by clicking here.