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Salesforce Administrator Training – Week 3

ACE SALESFORCE has created a targeted 4 week Salesforce Administrator training program using Trailheads free Salesforce modules. This  program will help any one wanting to be proficient in Salesforce Administration and may also lead to the individual sitting their Salesforce Administrator Certification exam.

Learn about Data Management and Automation

This post details the Week 3 plan which will allow you to know the following at the end of the lesson:

  • Identify tools and use cases for managing data, given a scenario.
  • Describe the capabilities and implications of the data validation tools.
  • Describe the different ways to back up data.
  • Describe the options and capabilities for automation.

Week 3: Data Management and Automation

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Data Quality

Trailhead 1 Hr

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Outlook Integration Trailhead 50 Min

The image shows an excel file.

Data Management Trailhead 40 Min

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Connect Your Dev Org to Trailhead


15 Min

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Lightning Flow Trailhead 2.5 Hrs

After completing the above modules, you will know the following basics of Salesforce:

Data Quality Getting Started With Data Quality
Assess the Quality of Data
Improving Data Quality
Outlook Integration Learn the Benefits of Outlook Integration
Learn about the Move from Salesforce for Outlook
Setup Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync
Data Management Importing Data
Exporting Data
Lightning Flow Chose the Right Automation Tool
Automate Simple Business Processes with Process Builder
Guide Users Through Your Business Processes with Cloud Flow Designer
Combine the Power of Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer
Customize How Records Get Approved with Approvals

Once an individual has completed Week 1 of this program and found it useful, they should proceed to Week 4 by clicking here.