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Salesforce Administrator Training – Week 4

ACE SALESFORCE has created a targeted 4 week Salesforce Administrator training program using Trailheads free Salesforce modules. This  program will help any one wanting to be proficient in Salesforce Administration and may also lead to the individual sitting their Salesforce Administrator Certification exam.

Learn about Reporting, Community & Knowledge

This post details the Week 4 plan which will allow you to know the following at the end of the lesson:

  • Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report.
  • Describe the capabilities of custom report types.
  • Describe the options available when creating and modifying dashboards.
  • Utilize Communities to interact with partners and customers.


Week 4: Reporting, Community & Knowledge

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Reports & Dashboards

Trailhead 2 Hrs

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Working with and using ideas


30 Min

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Community Cloud Basics Trailhead 55 Min

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Knowledge Basics for Lightning Experience


30 Min

After completing the above modules, you will know the following basics of Salesforce:

Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience  Introduction to Reports and Dashboards in Lighting Experience
Create Reports with the Report Builder
Format Reports
Visualize Your Data with the Lightning Dashboard Builder
Communities Cloud Basics Get Started with Community Cloud
Engage with Your Customers
Engage with your Partners
Engage with your Employees
Knowledge Basics for Lighting Experience  Get Started with Lightning Knowledge
Prepare the Knowledge Base for Success
Set Up a Simple Knowledge Base
Working with and Using Ideas (Doc)

Congratulations! You have now covered the core topics that a Salesforce Administrator needs to know to be an ACE at their job.

Are you ready to start preparing for your Salesforce Administrator job interview? Then check out this useful guide to help you prepare.