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Salesforce Developer Salary Guide 2021

Salesforce jobs are high paying jobs whether it is a developer, project manager or a system administrator.

So, what is an average Salesforce developer salary in different parts of the world? Find out by reading below.

Who are Salesforce Developers?

A Salesforce developer is equipped with the exceptional skill to code. They can program any requirement into reality, no matter how difficult.

A developer may wear many hats and have the ability to juggle between those roles.

A few of these may include:

  1. Programming Guru: A developer is responsible to write optimized code according to business requirements.
  2. Solution design: A developer would need to decide the best approach to a problem by using declarative or programmatic changes.
  3. Data migration expert: A developer may be needed to lead an entire data migration piece of work.
  4. Integration Ninja: A developer should be able to integrate with any system using native or custom web services.

Salesforce Developer Salary Around the World

Salesforce salaries are generally regarding as high compared to other jobs around the globe. However, salary trends are based on multiple different factors, such as:

  1. Location
  2. Skills/Years of experience
  3. Size of the organization/appetite to pay

The following table shows average salaries for junior and senior salesforce developers around the world.

  • Junior Developer have 1-3 years of experience
  • Senior Developers have 5+ years of experience

The image shows a graph.

This data comes directly from the salary survey report which is available on the Mason Frank website. The figures are averages from the survey data collected by them. You can find the figures by going to their website and completing a form before being allowed to download the report.

Country Junior Senior
United States $95,000 $165,000
Canada C$100000 C$140000
United Kingdom £35,000 £85,000
Ireland € 35,000 € 90,000
France € 45,000 € 75,000
Switzerland Fr80,000 FR 130,000
Germany € 55,000 € 85,000
Spain € 30,000 € 50,000
Belgium € 35,000 € 60,000
Netherlands € 30,000 € 60,000
Italy € 25,000 € 50,000
Australia A$ 125,000 A$ 165,000
Japan YEN 4,200,000 YEN 8,850,000
Singapore S$ 55,000 S$ 120,000


Salesforce developers are the ninjas of a Salesforce org. They help enhance the implementation with their programming and problem solving skills.