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Salesforce Developer Salary Comparison 2021

It isn’t surprising anymore to learn that jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem are highly paid. However, what we don’t know, is how they compare to salaries earned in other technologies in the USA.

What are we comparing?

In this post, we compare the salaries of developers for the most common backend, frontend and mobile app technologies based on their level of experience.

Salesforce Developer Salary Comparison

The graph above shows a comparison of minimum and maximum dollars earned annually by developers in different technologies in the USA.

Minimum and maximum numbers mainly depend on the number of experience. For example, an entry level Android developer  will earn close to $90K compared to a senior experienced Android developer, who can earn upwards of $155K.

Technology Min Max
Salesforce $90,000 $160,000
iOS $40,000 $172,000
Android $90,000 $155,000
JAVA $40,000 $168,000
Python $90,000 $147,500
Javascript $88,000 $145,000
Automation $60,000 $80,000

It is clear from the data above that Salesforce developer salaries are not that high compared to the likes of an iOS or a Java developer. However, they are definitely on the higher spectrum of the range.

What about salary trends in other countries?

In other countries, the comparison is very similar. However, the $$ values may differ to those you see in the table below but the trends between the different technologies remain the same. Meaning that Salesforce salaries are higher but not by a large amount by others in the list.

Salaries are determined by multiples factors in a country, ranging from cost of living to supply and demand. This means that a straight comparison will not be an exact representation of how well paid an individual is or isn’t.

Why prefer Salesforce?

The comparison table above makes it quite clear that developers in the Salesforce ecosystem are at par with developers from other technologies. Then why would an individual, starting their programming experience chose Salesforce as their niche?

The answer is simple:

  • Easy: Apex, is an easier version of Java. As a result, it is faster and quicker to learn than any other language.
  • Supply and demand: The supply of Salesforce developers is pretty low compared to how many companies are now wanting developers to manage their Salesforce instances.
  • Declarative programming: Salesforce provides a wide variety of Out-of-the-box features for which coding is unnecessary. Therefore, an app can be created with simple click and collect.
  • Ultra-learning: With plenty of learning materials available, anyone can learn basics of Salesforce in a matter of days .
  • Fast track career path: Career progression in Salesforce is rapid. As a result, developers can progress to senior level jobs in less than 5 years.

In Conclusion

The average salary difference of a developer of one technology compared to another is not very vast. This means, the decision to choose one over the other purely lies on how much effort one is willing to put in plus the amount of time needed to get there.

Having said that, starting a career as a developer is a sure shot way of ensuring a high paying job from the get go!